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Kokanee Spawning Studies

In 2017 and 2019 Carolla Environmental conducted preliminary assessment of spawning distribution in Comox Lake.  Surveying of spawning sites, gill-netting and underwater videography was used to document shallow and deep water spawning sites.  From 2008-2018 we conducted adult Kokanee spawner surveys in the lower Kicking Horse and Columbia Rivers as part of a large gravel removal flood protection project in Golden, BC.

Ecological Restoration

We have expertise in live willow staking of elevated gravel bars along impacted rivers working on annual fall projects since 2018.  We can help with design, site suitability, species sourcing and collecting, planting prescriptions, training, and project coordination.  

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RAR Assessments

Riparian Area Regulation Assessments are now a requirement for any proposed development within 30m of a watercourse.  Fully trained in the RAR methodology, Carolla has done RAR assessment in southern Vancouver Island and the East Kootenays.  

Riparian Restoration and Management Plans

Carolla Environmental prepared the planting prescriptions for restoration of the former Fields Sawmill site, now known as Kus kus sum in the K'omoks Estuary in 2021 and also completed the preliminary planting inventory and restoration plan (2017).  Carolla Environmental participated in bioengineering of barren riverine gravel bars in the upper Tsolum River watershed from 2018-2020. Other restoration projects include marsh reclamation (Campbell River estuary, and Revelstoke, BC) as well as riparian flood management plan for Kicking Horse River dykes in Golden, BC.   

Environmental Monitoring

Linear projects in sensitive habitat including fibre optic cable installations, flood control works and temporary stream diversions, involving silt management and fish salvaging/removal.   We complete biophysical assessments and bird nest surveys.  

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