Fisheries Assessments


-Kokanee Spawning Assessment of Comox Lake, 2017.  Preliminary assessment of spawning distribution in Comox Lake in partnership with Courtenay Fish and Game Club with funding from FWCP. 


-RAR assessments near Powell River, Hospital Creek Holiday Inn, Golden Municipal Campground, Gould's Island on Kicking Horse River, 2009-2016.


-Brady Creek and K2 Ranch fish assessment and enhancement project, Abel creek restoration and stewardship action plan, 2005, 2006, Beaverfoot Lodge impact assessment and restoration plan, 2014.


-Environmental Impact Statement Review of Kicking Horse Mountain Resort Master Plan, and BC Hydro Site C Project, 2012.

Restoration and Education

-Prepared site riparian planting prescriptions for Kus Kus Sum in K'omoks Estuary for Project Watershed, 2017. 

- Live Willow staking of 2ha of barren gravel bars in Tsolum River Watershed 2018-2020 for channel re-stabilization project.    

-Created and delivered environmental education programing to over 2000 elementary school kids from 2008 to 2020, on topics ranging from salmon, fish habitat and stewardship. 

-Fish use assessment and design input for Simm's Park restoration channel in lower Puntledge River, 2016-17. 

-Fish habitat restoration and action plans for Shawnessy Ranch, Abel Creek, near Invermere, Kingfisher Creek, Cape Scott Provincial Park, First Supply Creek, on Vancouver Island and Paris Creek near Golden, B.C. 2002- present


-Designed, transplanted and monitored Carex saltwater marsh in Campbell River estuary and Campbell River foreshore, Vancouver Island.




Environmental Monitoring Projects

-Environmental Monitor for submerged fibre optic cable installation across Reflection Lake, near Golden, B.C., 2013. 


-Kicking Horse electrical Sub-station Environmental Monitor,  2012.


-Environmental Monitor for Wildlife compensation/wetland restoration project near Revelstoke for BC Hydro, 2013.


-Environmental monitor for flood control instream works on Holt Creek for the Golden Golf Club, including temporary creek diversion, fish salvaging, habitat compensation design, construction and 5 years of post construction monitoring, 2008 to 2013.


Flood Protection and Monitoring

-Integration of habitat protection with dyke improvements in the lower Kicking Horse River, East Kootenays, from 2008 to 2015; habitat compensation design and implementation, kokanee salmon spawning and mapping, macroinvertebrate sampling, post gravel removal habitat monitoring.


-Vegetation Management Plan for Kicking Horse River dikes in Golden (2014).


-Dike riparian restoration in Kicking Horse and Hospital Creek, including design, sourcing, planting and monitoring from 2010 to present.

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