Company Services‚Äč

We specialize in freshwater/nearshore marine fisheries environmental impact assessments, habitat assessment and inventory, management plans, RAR assessments, environmental monitoring, riparian planting/restoration, report writing and editing, and environmental education and communication.

Habitat Assessments

Freshwater fish population estimates by swim surveys, electrofishing, g-trapping, seining or angling, physical habitat assessments of freshwater, nearshore marine, and sub-tidal marine.

Environmental Monitoring

Instream works for flood protection, dike repairs, gravel removal.  Linear construction projects ranging from bridge installations, road building, habitat creation.  Experience in BMP's for environmental protection during construction projects. 

Riparian Restoration

Riparian inventory, re-planting design, native plant sourcing and planting in riparian areas, sedge planting in estuaries, sub-tidal eelgrass planting and transplanting, bio-engineering techniques and certification.

RAR Assessments

QEP/ R.P. Bio. services related to Riparian Area Regulation (RAR) requirements.  RAR/QEP certification from V.I.U. obtained in 2015.  We can help with the regulatory process with federal and provincial approvals and notifications.


We deliver environmental education programs on topics ranging from salmon to waterheds to drawing outdoors.  Ms. Heim is an Environmental educator and outreach coordinator with the Tsolum River Restoration Society, and is a WildBC facilitator.

Interpretive Signs

Design of content, layout, and artwork for nature interpretation and educational signs. Our signs are installed at the Fraser River, Vancouver, Columbia River near Golden, and at the SCUBA diving park at Odgen Pt. Breakwater in Victoria, B.C.

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